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by Holographic Catholic

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Leo 02:07
Static 01:15
I feel so pathetic stuck like TV static you should know oh no I spend too much time wanting you to think of me
whenever you grab my hands I feel a spark and I think about that feeling every time we're apart you make me feel like the only person in the room do you feel the same? or am I just a pawn in a game? As we parted ways, she softly, with sadness in her voice, uttered "I love you." Her soft, matted hair tickled my neck and I smelled the sweetness of her shampoo. I wanted to crash my lips onto hers, but time lapsed into the cold reality that was a Denny's parking lot, and she was gone. Even in her absence, I still felt the warmth of her hands. Desperately, I attempted to simulate her hand in mine with my own two hands. It wasn't the same.
Dissection 02:25
why do I give my affection to anyone who gives me attention I am blinded by my own obsession give my heart up for dissection why do I give my affection to hearts lost in disconnection I am blinded by my own obsession give my heart up for dissection why do I give my affection only to be faced with rejection I am blinded by my own obsession give my heart up for dissection why do I give my affection it's only misguided stage direction
Icicles 02:28
I'm falling down it's like icicles fall through my heart when you frown you're tearing me apart you slam the door I don't know if you love me anymore when your blood boils I would rather be buried in the soil I'm calling out your name in vain without hope in pain so full of doubt things will never be the same
Aries 02:24
Obsidian 01:46
obsidian, black as night be my only comfort by my side for I sleep alone until my love comes home oh hold me now I'll let myself drown I can't breathe demons suffocate me I'm out of touch with the world my feelings take me for a whirl I find solace in the sea away from sorrow and apathy
baby, I love watching you dance drunkenly baby, your light airy voice is so heavenly I could stare into your dark brown eyes all day oh, what a lady so sleek and small a little over five feet tall always wearing the same black dress with your hair teased into a mess your hands are so warm and the music's so cold all the other goth girls here are like 40 years old whenever we go upstairs and they play Le Tigre your face lights up and we dance the night away spinning and spinning you make me dizzy
Goth Kids 02:36
I'm a goth kid everything is a bore I smoke cigarettes and dance like my arms and legs are sore Every Day is Halloween I'm a goth kid everything I wear is black when they play Alien Sex Fiend at the club I dance like I'm having a heart attack



Written by Lei Ng Labrador Padilla in their early twenties, Purgatory clocks in at about 15 minutes long and delivers charmingly naïve and playful fakebit pop songs about crushes on pretty girls, shitty boyfriends, sleep paralysis, and clubbing — the usual early twentysomething year old stuff.

The guiding production principles of this album were:

1. When in doubt, slap reverb on every single element of your music.
2. Avoid the conundrum of mixing vocals by using telephone filter EQ.
3. Repeat the same phrase for a chorus 16 times in a row to make the song longer than 2 minutes.


released December 25, 2018


Lei Ng Labrador Padilla
vox, lyrics, composition, production


all rights reserved



Holographic Catholic California


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