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by Holographic Catholic

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Never Be 01:48
this is where I draw the line this is where I close my eyes we will never ever be more than a dream
my chest is a hollow cavity of where my heart used to be I cried alone in what used to be our room then laid our love to rest in a tomb the people we used to be are dead they're now just ghosts haunting me in bed the people we used to be are dead we can never take back the words we said I'll never forget you and your love but I must fly away like a mourning dove you pointed daggers at my throat and because of this, I must go
Red Lights 04:00
I holed away from the sunlight I am so numb and empty inside a dark, cavernous room is all I know shadows dance as red lights glow the quiet terror of being alive eats away at me, it's my demise take the pills, sharpen the knife dare I cross to the other side? flush the pills, dull the knife maybe not tonight I spent my whole day lying in bed I'm still alive, yet I feel so dead the sun descends into the night shadows engulf me in just one bite
Absolution 03:22
Cassette 03:33
I never dress for the weather, it’s a bad habit I was cold, so you gave me your jacket you asked if you could hold me, so sincere you were the last person that I kissed last year cassette, cassette the case is red cassette, cassette I am lying in your bed you felt self conscious about your hair and I got lost in your handsome stare when you smile, I feel warm inside so sweet, I wouldn’t mind if I died
Slow Motion 02:27
I don't know about you, but when we're together, everything's in slow motion. I always thought you were super cool ever since you showed me your CD collection -- you called me a nerd for that. You told me not to get attached to people and to just hold onto the memories, but that's never been easy for me. You told me I was beautiful, I didn't know what to say in the moment, so I said, "You are too."
大好き 01:59
you're so easy to like when we go together like Mike and Ikes you're so easy to love when we fit together like hand and glove can't believe you are for real I just want to tell you how I feel 大好き you are everything to me 大好き it's so easy to see



Anguished, bittersweet, and electric, Excommunication is an intimate account of severed ties, devastating loss, isolation, and the slow return to the warmth of love – all underscored with a heavy dose of nostalgia.

Two years in the making, Holographic Catholic’s second album features wistful musings sung with a vocaloid-esque demeanor, brooding basslines, ethereal pads, 4-on-the-floor dance beats gone feral, and a Nintendo Game Boy drenched in delay and reverb.

The eclectic sonic palette coalesces into an aural landscape that is inexplicably dreamy and simultaneously haunting – a liminal space for heartbroken souls seeking solace.

“How do you make music with a Game Boy??”
+ DMG-01
+ LSDj by Johan Kotlinski on EZ-Flash Jr. flash cartridge
+ mGB by trash80
+ Teensyboy by Catskull Electronics
+ assorted cable pasta

“I feel like my Game Boy just dumped me”
— ol’scul, Future Bass Producer

“It's kind of like if GLaDOS sang on a Siouxsie track that someone shoved into a Game Boy”
— Dan Butler, Techno Mage / Nightride FM Chiptune Night Host

“How it feels to chew 5 gum”
— Henry Ticas, Rosy Cheeks


released February 14, 2021


Lei Ng Labrador Padilla
vox, lyrics, composition, programming, production

composition, programming, production, mixing, mastering


all rights reserved



Holographic Catholic California


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